Audio and Video techniques to provide private or public Home Cinema or Theatrical experience is a very demanding part of sound and image systems design. Our services for this growing field include:                                                               

  • Room Design Acoustic Requirements
  • Room Design Isolation Requirements
  • Approval of construction materials
  • Equipment Positioning suggestions
  • Projector/TV system Proposal
  • Sound System Proposal
  • Supporting Electronics Proposal
  • Cable specification and routing
  • Fine Tuning of the System
  • Commissioning of the project
  • Operation Instructions Documentation
  • After Sales Support

Further design for large residential might include more than one Home Cinemas and further music zones to the required different rooms. These kinds of projects are achieved by using multi zone music distribution systems with ease and simplicity of operation.  Smart Project is considered between the most experienced system designers and installers of multi zone residential projects for Home Theater and Music