Offered services and specifically electroacoustic and acoustic studies usually define products that may fulfill the requirements of a project and provide a solution.  These products are indicative and not exclusively used in studies. However, while have been used and speculated in several past studies would be highly recommended to realize projects.

Such brands are the following:

                          ·           PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS

o    Harman- Kardon Group  

o    Electro-Voice  

o    Phonic

o    Yamaha

o    Cloud

o    Apart  

o    Bose Pro  


                          ·          HOME AUDIO SOLUTIONS

o    Yamaha  

o    Pioneer  

o    Sonos  

o    Denon  

o    Kef  

o    B&W  

o    Onkyo  

o    Bose


                          ·          HIGH-END SOLUTIONS

o    McIntosh

o    Klipsh

o    Triad

o    Stelth

o    Amina

o    Krell


                           ·          VIDEO SOLUTIONS & PROJECTION

·         PROJECTORS            

o   Sony                       

o   Epson   

o   Hitachi

o   Kramer    

o   Extron


o   Kauber

o   Projecta

o   Reflecta



o   Crestron

o   Elko