One of the oldest Spanish manufacturers of Professional Audio components for electronics and speakers. The characteristic of the products is the production quality under European Standards, the superb performance, the durability, reliability and efficiency at a very attractive cost level. 


One of the specialized electronics European manufacturer with the most reliable professional amplifiers range in audio market. Amplifiers of Low or High Impedance class D for demanding usage or class AB for more affordable series but without compromising performance and high quality. 


A 80+ years US brand with 6 factories in USA 1 in Canada and 1 in China. When combined with Innovative Electronic Designs they offer in the market more than 2000 products. In Europe has a selective number of best selling audio electronics and speakers range that is consisted from the most successful products.



Is a German engineered brand of affordable analog electronics that fit to any small business that requires quality, reliability and utilized products at reasonable prices, since production is in China. Small pre-amplifiers, mixer-amplifiers, zone matrixes, amplifiers and a number of accessories consist the line of the brand