Smart Project has been participated in 2013 to an engineering team for an Environmental Noise Assessment for Proposed Development of Fredrick Campus Mary’s Seacole building in Salford greater Manchester area UK, as students’ accommodation. The assessment included three essential parts of Industrial Noise, Road Traffic Noise and Railway Noise.  The full text of the assessment is published as ENV assessment (pdf)

Acoustician of Smart Project Mr. Andreas Tsolias (MSc,PgDpl,BSc) member of the Acoustics Research Centre (Salford University, UK) with professor of Salford University and Vice President of International Acoustics Institute Dr. Bill Davies published at Krakow Poland (Sept. 2014) their research with title "Difference limen for reverberation time in auditoria". The smallest change in reverberation time that can be perceived in a concert hall has been measured. Five existing halls with average reverberation times varying between 0.89 and 2.3 s were simulated in detail with room acoustic modelling software. Results of this research in the official forum paper are included in Difference Limen Auditoria (pdf)